Down To Earth Recycling Ltd

About Us

In 2006 Down To Earth Recycling Ltd was established by Directors Gary Millson and Kevin Wendt. Kevin and Gary felt very strongly that putting compostable waste into landfills was not an environmentally sustainable option, and their company offers a solution that is both flexible and cost-effective.  Working as a committed partner, Down To Earth Recycling delivers economically viable schemes that help local authorities to meet Government targets for green and other compostable waste recycling.  From receiving and then recycling the compostable waste through to ensuring the effective and sustainable use of the accredited end product, Down To Earth Recycling offers a complete ‘Closed-Loop’ solution to organic waste needs.

Down To Earth Recycling Ltd take a variety of materials through the gate for their operation, from a range of waste streams.  Much of the material they work with has previously been sent to landfill, so Down To Earth Recycling’s process has a real benefit to the environment by diverting it to further use.