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A total ban is now in force on the disposal of plasterboard waste at mixed landfills.  Recycled plasterboard has a high reuse content and a large proportion being suitable for end-users.

Plasterboard is processed at our facility separating paper from the gypsum powder.  Both the fibre and powder are then reused in onward industry prosesses.

Gypsum is a soft, soluble mineral that is primarliy composed of calcuim sulphate, a natural source of essential plant nutrients.  Reputed to be one of the earliest firtilisers and used by crop farmer

Gypsum is a soil amendment, a conditioner and a fertiliser, providing invaluable support ot crop producers.

Benefits of gypsum application include overall improvement to plant growth via the essential plant nutrients of clacium and sulphur.  It further enhances the physical properties of soils by:

Preventing the dispersion of soil particles

Reducing the formation of surface crust

Promoting the emergence of seedlings

Increasing the infiltration and movement of water through the soil

Reducing erosion and nutrient losses of soils

Reducing concentrations of soluble phosphates in surface water run-off.




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