Down To Earth Recycling Ltd


At Down To Earth Recycling Limited, we are a fully licensed waste management facility at Kirton Lindsey, Lincolnshire.  We specialise in recycling various organic wastes back into agriculture and soil conditioners and we are a fully accredited PAS 100 Compost producer.


Waste Management in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Down to Earth Recycling Ltd was formed in 2006, with the belief and understanding that there is a demand for top quality organic waste streams suitable for recycling into Agriculture. Working across the Lincoln, Grimsby and Scunthorpe area, we can also deliver our sustainable waste management products across the UK.  

Down To Earth Recycling Ltd have a full understanding and background in farming spanning over 30+ years. With combined knowledge and experience gained over the years and forward thinking technologies, we now produce a consistent top quality fertiliser product designed for its end users. We work to provide a complete waste management system with a consistent, top quality organic result.

The need for an alternative to fertiliser is always something that the farming community are looking for. Here at Down To Earth Recycling, we have full confidence in the management and production of our PAS100 Agricultural Compost. We manage various different types of waste to create a sustainable and consistently high quality fertilizer that many can rely on. 

Down To Earth Recycling Ltd offer a friendly and efficient service with all year round availability.  Our waste management site and facilities, close to Lincoln, Grimsby and Scunthorpe, has full planning permission from the Local Authority and is registered with the Environment Agency; it is also staffed by trained operators, and there is a weighbridge on site. 

The business is expanding rapidly and the company are actively seeking to make contact with new suppliers of waste material, both solid and liquid, from the following sources:

Civic amenity sites
Material recycling facilities
Manufacturing (liquids and solids) 
Biological treatment plants
Other local authority processes
Waste Management Companies
Landscape Contractors
Skip Hire Businesses
Both organic and mineral waste streams make up the solid waste element of the compost such as:
Green waste
Clean wood waste
Waste pallets and packaging 
Wood wastes, bark and other plant matter

The liquid element is obtained from non-toxic waste liquids from the following sources:

Factory wash down liquid
By product from Bio Fuel Plants


Down to Earth Recycling Ltd is situated in an excellent location between Scunthorpe, Grimsby, and Lincoln, close to the motorway network ( M18/M180 ) and A15. Our recycling facilities are operational all year round.


  Woodsure Ready to Burn and Thatch - Thatch Advice Centre ISO 9001:2015 Certified | ISO 9001 Accreditation | Armadillo Sec Ltd KSP Prove Commitment To ISO 9001 and ISO 14001: 2015 - KSP Group

Reducing Landfill

Much of the materials that pass through our facility would have previously been sent to Landfill.

Our facilities’ technical processes have a real benefit to the environment by diverting these materials to help supplement agriculture. 

Down To Earth Recycling Ltd is a fully licensed waste management facility.

We offer an efficient and friendly service. Whether you’re looking for recycling facilities for your waste management or interested in the material we process for end use as fertiliser, you can be confident that with Down To Earth Recycling Ltd, you will receive a first class waste management service as well as demonstrating full traceability and compliance within the industry.